Week 4, "Midterm Update"

Progress on my midterm thus far has been lackluster, as working with Unity physics tends to cause a lot of problems. I have reevaluated the scope of my project many times since starting, but I am fairly confident in what I can and cannot accomplish by this point. I have foregone the use of Unity collision for the interaction between the stick and manually implemented a puck carrying script. The player can now shoot the puck by clicking instead of awkwardly trying to wave their stick around. The net now has a trigger that detects when the player scores, and plays a sound effect. I have also added a start screen and implemented level progression. The biggest obstacle I have moving forward is fixing the top-heavy mechanic that causes the player to fall over as they try to move. I believe this is something that I can still get to work, and it is crucial to the entertainment value of the game that it is implemented. For now, the mechanic is disabled to preserve the integrity of the prototype. I likely won't allow the player to lean on their stick for balance, but I should be able to get something to work. After my art pass, I also need to add some obstacles to later levels of the game to increase the challenge as it progresses. I have modeled a few objects in Maya that I will add next week. While it might not look like much right now, there should be significant improvement by the end of the development.


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