Week 4, "Midterm Idea"

For my midterm, I would like to make a game about taking a hockey penalty shot. I grew up playing hockey, and it is an important aspect of my life. I want to create a clumsy, Foddy-esque physics-based game that demonstrates the difficulty of executing a penalty shot in an abstract and playful manner. The game would consist of controlling a player character at center ice who has to skate to the net and score. However, I plan on making the player model top-heavy such that they will fall over easily, and the stick will be controlled only by moving the mouse. The player will have to master both balancing the skater and handling the puck to make it to the end. Depending on how difficult it turns out, I may also add multiple levels with varying levels of difficult by adding obstacles. I also want to include audio cues of a crowd that cheers when the player scores, and boos when they fall down. I would be able to make the player model, hockey stick, ice rink, net, and any obstacles in Maya. I probably won't have a goalie, but I might add a shooter target. I could also add tires, cones, or other skaters as obstacles if deemed necessary.


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sounds fun, weird physics player character could be cool, just think of  ways to not let it get to chaotic/ random or of mechanisms that can reset or lift up the player again if they fall