Use WASD, ARROW KEYS, and/or SPACEBAR to play.

Now playable on mobile (sort of)!

Join Andrew Yang as he runs down a literal campaign trail for the 2020 election. Dodge the obstacles of automation and collect campaign policies to gain the votes of the people and win the presidency.

This prototype was a personal project from September 2019 based on the candidacy of 2020 Democratic candidate Andrew Yang. I did all of the game design and programming personally, but the current visuals are stand-ins and are not mine.

If the project was continued, the coins in the game would be replaced with icons representing Mr. Yang's policies from his political platform, and the ending screen would inform players about the policies they managed to collect during each run. Ideally, it would also include an "ending" cutscene after collecting all the policies and winning enough votes for the presidency. Then, players would be able to compete for high scores on a leaderboard. As a stretch goal, I had planned on social media integration to allow players to challenge each other's high scores and possibly even donate directly to the Yang campaign.

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